The Boom Boom Room

A one of a kind experience. Perfect for date night, adult birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, large parties, and more. Named one of the best things to do and a must see St. Louis tourist attraction.

The Boom Boom Room is the "thing to do" Burlesque restaurant and nightclub.   If you are looking for a place to eat, see a show, dance, and have a great time, we know you will find it here at the one of a kind, St. Louis tourist destination.  Great for bachelorette parties, date night, birthdays and more!


St. Louis Event Space


How can I have a private event at the Boom Boom Room:

It depends on what it is, if it is 2-30 people, on a weekend, the best way is, book a table and come to a show.  We are like an adult Chuck E Cheese.  Only we instead of pizza we have adult food, soda is traded out for drinks, and the dancing bears are our dancers.   But just like the kid place you remember, you can book a party for birthdays or anything (adults only) and #Boom, you have a party you don't have to plan or clean up after.  AND, you can make your friend's buy their own tickets.  

In the week, between 20+you could request a show, and we will open for you, or create a custom event for you. 

Private events on weekend.   Our minimus vary as the time of the year.   We do shows on Fridays and Saturday and want to make a little less than we would after expenses on a weekend night.  That number changes from the time of the year.   If you can arrange a event that covers only one show, that helps with the price too.

We have a beautifully unique decorated space perfect for the person who doesn't want the typical banquet facility.  Why pay extra for an out of house catering company, lights, sound, or anything else when we have it all right here?  We realize we are a highly themed venue, and not perfect for every event, but if we do fit your classy style, there is no better place than the Boom Boom Room.   For more information give us a call or shoot us an email.   Why take a chance or be overcharged for your next St. Louis private event? We have the perfect private event space for you.  

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Things To Do In St. Louis Come To The Boom Boom Room STL   Phone: 314-436-7000