The Boom Boom Room

A Burlesque Supper Club and Live Show Venue

The Boom Boom Room is the "thing to do" Burlesque restaurant and nightclub.   If you are looking for a place to eat, see a show, dance, and have a great time, we know you will find it here at the one of a kind, St. Louis tourist destination.  Great for bachelorette parties, date night, birthdays and more!


How to plan a bachelorette party in St. Louis, MO? Not hard

How to plan a bachelorette party in St. Louis, MO?

We are the best choice bachelorette parties and this is why:

When planning an evening bachelorette party,  your choices are:

  • go to a bar, everyone stands around...
  • go to a restaurant, food is great, but not very festive...
  • go to a show, you are all in theater seats not talking, or you are at a concert, and no one can hear each other... 
  • go bar hopping? no way..  It can be great, but people start getting lost, boyfriends just magically show up, doormen are rude, you and the girls are getting your sexy outfits on, and guys are all-up-in-your-face.  Bye Felicia... It can turn into a hot mess.  So how about the landing, with your friend in a veil, seriously?  Epic fail girl. Or how about walk around Ballpark Village... with the game on?   Maybe for some, but NOT for you, you're better than that. 
  • Get your head in the game. This bachelorette party, needs to be classy, fun, safe, and a memory that can last a lifetime.   Do you remember Chuck E Cheese for you birthday?  It was so easy.  Mom called, made reservations and had pizza, drinks, a cake and no clean up.  This is where we shine, and why we have so many bachelorette parties, a year.   So just like Chuck E Cheese, this is what we do.  Only for adults, not for kids.   We give you a table for your party as big or as small as the party size, cocktails served to your table with a server, food,  great atmosphere, and a fun, but classy show,  perfect for women.  In fact 80% of our audience is women.  Also, it is safe unlike a nightclub, so no creepy guys will be trying to pick up the bride and making rude comments.  But if you like that, just plan some bar hopping after the show.  
  • And it is so easy...

    1.  Pick the date of the event and determine which show you want to attend, the dinner show at 7 P.M. or the late night show at 10:30 P.M.

    2.  Call us on the phone or go online, buy at least one ticket,  and tell us about the size of the party you will have or purchase them all at once.

    3.  Tell your friends the number to call or have them go online to purchase their tickets too.  

    4.  That day, show up prepared to hoot, holler, and have a great time.

  • What you will get:  As guests purchase tickets for your party that how your reservation will grow, so will your table.  So 2 or 40, we will create a table (or rows of tables over 20) that everyone will sit at.   Servers will come to you for your drinks, food, and anything else you want.  You will have candles, a table cloth, a chair, and all your friends and family around you.   If you do the VIP options you will have shots, boas, glow sticks, hats, balloons, your friend will be announced by the host, made to stand up...  you will laugh, if you drink you will stumble out, if you don't believe us see all of the 5-star reviews to prove it.  Grab tickets fast as you don't want the show to sell out before you are ready to purchase tickets.

    Now, that you have us in your plan, you can decide if you want to do a day activity before, or a something after.  After the Boom Boom, THEN you go bar hopping.  We are the foreplay you need.  And guarantee this will be the best and most memorable part of your night.     

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